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The Carousel, Central Park, New York

The Carousel is one of the country's largest merry-go-rounds and has 58 hand carved horses and two ornate chariots They were made by Solomon Stein and Harry Goldstein in 1908. A Carousel has stood on this spot since the park first opened and in the 1870's it was turned by a mule and a donkey in the basement. As recently as 1912, it was still horse powered , but a few years later was replaced when electricity was installed. In 1950 the Carousel was destroyed by fire and a replacement was found in an old trolley terminal at Coney Island. The carvings by Stein and Goldstein have certain trademark characteristics such as big teeth, bulging glass eyes and manes that looked like they were being blown by the motion of the Carousel. The outer ring of horses are twice as large as those on the inside.


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